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With limited amounts of time to spend all day reading blogs on the Internet, every now and then I come across one that is “worth the read,” especially if it offers great advice if you are in any kind of sales. As a former exhibitor at the SOUTHERN WOMEN’S SHOWS ORLANDO for the past 2 years, I occasionally receive a copy of a blog written by the SOUTHERN SHOWS director, David J, Zimmerman, who...

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Calm Before the Shopping Storm!

Southern Women’s Show Orlando September 24, 2015. Orlando Convention Center. The show was a blast! 4 days of fun, fashion, food and shopping some great buys. I want to thank everyone who came to visit and shop. Your comments and kind compliments continue to come in. Our BIGGEST moment came when we received an award on Saturday from the Southern Women’s Show for BEST DISPLAY!! I was truly honored and very much surprised. A great thanks to the organizers of the show, SOUTHERN SHOWS and to all those affiliated with the event. Thank you all and we hope to see you next year.


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Catch Your Customer with an Eye Catching Display! GO AHEAD…..THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 

I am showing some of my hand painted “deco art” (as I like to call it) earrings at the upcoming SOUTHERN WOMEN’S SHOW ORLANDO September 24-27. I do not sell these on the web site and only offer them at various shows throughout the year to add a little more whimsy to an already fun and colorful collection of art and fashion products that I create from my original paintings. 

Being the creative person I am, I like to find ways to creatively display my products. When I participate in art, trade and fashion events, I am often limited to a small area to display my products. I came across a very interesting large circular stool that I turned upside down to create a pretty interesting eye catching display for my hand painted earrings. So, to every retailer big or small, GET CREATIVE and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 


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Southern Women’s Show Orlando, September 24-27. 

I am excited to be a part of this annual event that brings shoppers (primarily women) to a place where they can experience 4 days of shopping and fun.

Food, fashion, music, live entertainment, celebrity guests and more will be featured at the Orlando Convention Center where shoppers will delight in an array of vendors offering something for everyone.

This year, I will be introducing a beautiful line of artist designed GREETING CARDS to compliment the art inspired fashion cosmetic clutch bags. These cards are derived from the original paintings of Florida artist, Kimberly Sumerel, whose designs are inspired by the lovely Florida coastal regions and its’ wildlife.



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Don’t forget to visit Kimberly Sumerel at the Southern Women’s Show at the Orlando Convention Center October 9-12. Booth #818. Not only will we be featuring artist designed cosmetic bags and compact mirrors, we will be premiering over 200 hand painted earrings with all NEW “TRENDY DESIGNS!" 




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