I am often asked to share my experience not only as an artist, but as a business professional who has experienced over 30 years working in a creative field, where there is no limit to one's creativity. People often find themselves never doing what they truly want to do because of fear...........fear of the unknown, or they want to do more when it comes to exhibiting their work, but not totally sure how to go about it.

Though my expertise is in many areas, I enjoy assisting those wanting to learn more about participation in art and trade shows, craft festivals, and exhibitions. Applying to shows, setting up eye catching displays, attracting customers, pricing products and offering superior customer service, are just a few of the topics discussed.

Consultation can be by phone or via Zoom. Initial consultation FREE.  Hourly fee will be charged. Please contact me giving me a brief description of your business and what you are interested in learning. I look forward to hearing about your next creative endeavor!

Kimberly Sumerel