To Cell or Sell....That is the Question!

With limited amounts of time to spend all day reading blogs on the Internet, every now and then I come across one that is “worth the read,” especially if it offers great advice if you are in any kind of sales. As a former exhibitor at the SOUTHERN WOMEN’S SHOWS ORLANDO for the past 2 years, I occasionally receive a copy of a blog written by the SOUTHERN SHOWS director, David J, Zimmerman, who shares his expertise and helpful info with readers. Recently, he wrote a quick snippet about the use of cell phones if you are an event vendor and whether it was acceptable to have them out all the time when selling and working around customers.

He writes,”So what to do?  It’s really, as we all understand, a matter of expectations and self control.  So, going in to the show, make some rules. Examples:  Phones off; They have to stay in the car; You’re allowed to check every 30 minutes; If one person has their phone out, the other person cannot.  Figure out what rules make sense for your company, and have them followed just like dress codes and other exhibit space etiquette.”

I agree with David. However, with the ability to take credit cards over a cell phone, it makes it a little difficult to put that crazy little communicator down! We have to check sales, stock, send receipts, etc. And if that isn’t all, we have to take photos to share with customers, send out orders, put comments on social media to invite customers to come make purchases with us, and make a quick call to see if someone let the dog out. Plus, everyone knows, if we put our cell phones down, what would we do with our hands? All kidding aside. I understand what David is trying to say. Take care of your customer. Don’t let a cell phone be the reason you lose a sale. My advice…….SELL, NOT CELL!

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