Catch Your Customer with an Eye Catching Display! GO...

Catch Your Customer with an Eye Catching Display! GO AHEAD…..THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 

I am showing some of my hand painted “deco art” (as I like to call it) earrings at the upcoming SOUTHERN WOMEN’S SHOW ORLANDO September 24-27. I do not sell these on the web site and only offer them at various shows throughout the year to add a little more whimsy to an already fun and colorful collection of art and fashion products that I create from my original paintings. 

Being the creative person I am, I like to find ways to creatively display my products. When I participate in art, trade and fashion events, I am often limited to a small area to display my products. I came across a very interesting large circular stool that I turned upside down to create a pretty interesting eye catching display for my hand painted earrings. So, to every retailer big or small, GET CREATIVE and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 

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