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My artist designed earrings are delicately crafted where no two pair are ever the same. They were first premiered to a large audience of some very "fashion savvy shoppers" at The Southern Women's Show, where they were a huge hit. I had such fun explaining the process of how I create my earrings. Everyone was fascinated with the material they were made of but even more excited over their extreme "feather weight!" No more sore ears from heavy earrings! Why? They are made from a lightweight premium material that I treat by painting and applying a special art technique to create a wildly fun fashion accessory!

CUSTOMER COMMENT: " I can't believe these earrings are so light.
They look like they are made out of a much heavier material. You almost forget you are wearing earrings at all!


Making these earrings involves several steps. Some earrings are painted directly on to the wood or I apply a mini art print of my original acrylic art painting to the material. To give each earring a sheen, I highlight the earrings in different areas with a shimmering acrylic paint which makes this fashion trendy jewelry stand out when the light hits it on a certain angle. I seal the earrings with a clear sealant. A hole is applied at the top for the earring accessory.

No two pair are alike and each is unique in its design and color. Any noted imperfection is not a flaw, but is a natural occurrence when paint and sealant are added to the raw jewelry material. 

Each earring measures 1 inch to 1.5 in size.
Material: High grade premium lightweight wood.
Earring hook. Gold/Silver metal. Nickle free.

As with any nice earrings, do not pull or tug on the backs to avoid tearing.

You will definitely get lots of compliments on these earrings!

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