What a Great Gift Idea!

What a Great Gift Idea!

Whether it be a holiday, anniversary, birthday or a "just because" occasion, we all at some point and time in our life have had to buy a gift for someone. We take joy in giving as much as the "recipient" takes joy in receiving a gift. The only thing we don't take joy in is, shopping for the gift! They say we should always give a person something we would get ourselves, but whomever said that, certainly did not have the sense of humor I have, because I cannot guarantee my family and friends would like my favorite "thing-a-ma-bob" gift anymore than I would enjoy their favorite, "what-cha-ma-call-it" gift!

At The Painted Label, there is something for everyone.  As a consumer myself and also shopper on occasion who has to get a gift for someone, I view the products at The Painted Label as fun, different, pretty, unique, reasonably priced, and with a large enough selection that allows even the most discriminating buyer to find something they will like, no matter their style.

Just the "thought" of giving a gift is special, but think how much more special your recipient will enjoy their gift when you give them something they will be able to keep and enjoy for a long time to come, not to mention is sold nowhere else in the world, except at The Painted Label! With art originals, prints, bags and beautiful cards that can be framed, and more, The Painted Label offers a plethora of great gifts for those who have no idea what to give!


8" x 10" fashion bag. Title: "Timeless Butterfly." The original painting is for sale. (See Original Art) It is also being offered as a print, card and a lovely fashion bag embellished with Swarovski Crystals! Happy Shopping!


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