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“Wings of Color” by Florida artist, Kimberly SumereI. Painted with acrylic paint and photographed using a digital enhancement for the purpose of bringing out  the rich and vibrant colors of the subject on canvas. Many of my prints and original artwork will be exhibited and sold at the St. Johns River Art Festival, April 30-May 1 in Sanford Florida.


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“Art is Everywhere”

Location: Baldwin Park in Orlando Florida. March, 2016. 

Take time to enjoy the warmth of the sun on a bright sunny day. Reach out and feel the wind touch your hands as you breathe in the joy of what is around you and smile at all you see.  

The earth Is a canvas and art will appear. Just look around, art is everywhere!

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Fun and Whimsical Art! Getting ready for the Heathrow Lake Mary Art Festival to be held Nov.14-15. 2015. Prints and greeting cards for sale.

Now, to get all this paint OFF my hands, face, arms, and OH MY…………THE DOGS TOO! If you can’t love what you do, DON’T DO IT! 



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