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Acrylic Art, acrylic painting, art, artist kimberly sumerel, beachart, cards, coastal, coastalart, Florida, Florida artist, framed art art prints, framed artwork, greeting cards, Home Accents, homedecor, ocean, Ocean art, paintings, seahorse, the painted label - BLUE SEAHORSE. NEW STORE OPENING SUMMER 2016.  NEW PRODUCTS. Art originals, art prints, greeting cards, fashion clutch bags, home decor and more by Florida Artist Kimberly Sumerel. Check it out on Instagram too. #thepaintedlabel. Hope you enjoy!

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Acrylic on Canvas, Flora Series.  Impasto paintings by Justin Gaffrey

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There are no words to express what it is like for an artisan who feels the desire to try different marketing techniques when it comes to promoting his/her creative works - especially when it comes to loading up a car and heading out to some far away locale to exhibit his/her finest collection of whatevers for the public to “ooh and ahh” over as they contemplate what thingamabob will look good over their whatchamacallit. Most people refer to these marketing ventures as festivals, art shows, fairs, craft events and anything with a “palooza” at the end! 

But, no matter where these events occur or what they are called, it is important to understand that the artisan has worked hard to perfect his/her craft in order to bring to the public his/her finest craftsmanship for view. So, when you see him/her, please be nice, be courteous, be complimentary of his/her work and know that it took HER 3 hours to cram all HER crap in HER car so tightly the night before that SHE had to take it all out again because SHE could not find the dog, who was asleep in another part of the house. So, SHE had to take another 3 hours to shove it all back in the car a second time. Oh the joy of being someone who can smile in the face of adversity!

Signed……the Artist! Kimberly Sumerel

Next Show: Mt Dora Florida. Collectibles and Crafts Show Mar 19-20, 2016

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“Art is Everywhere”

Location: Baldwin Park in Orlando Florida. March, 2016. 

Take time to enjoy the warmth of the sun on a bright sunny day. Reach out and feel the wind touch your hands as you breathe in the joy of what is around you and smile at all you see.  

The earth Is a canvas and art will appear. Just look around, art is everywhere!

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