Social Media for Businesses

A lot of time and effort go into a business and if you are a business owner, then you know there are often times when you wish there were more hours in the day.

This day and age, in the world of retail, a company not only has to develop a product, make it, market it, sell it and explain to potential customers why a particular product is the best on the market, it has to be competitive and "creative."

"What?",,,, you say. You are not creative? You leave the creativity to those that produce the product. Great! That leaves you with the task of getting the word out to the public about your great product "What?".... you say. Your advertising and marketing team does that! OK, great! You just have to sell it! "What?" say. Your product is not selling? OH NO! What is going on with the marketing department? "What?" say. You lied! Your marketing department is who?.............YOU? 

No worries! Time to REV UP the social media! "What?" say. You are on all the social media sites and have tons of followers already! GREAT! What are you posting? "Pictures of your favorite Parisian foods?!" YIKES! You sell "thing-a-ma-bobs!" Not food! Time to get those followers transitioned over to what you are selling!

"Social media mania" can drive one nuts after a while because "yes," it takes time to build a business, but with the power of the internet and social media, any business has a chance to grow and flourish by taking advantage of social media and by being smart. Think like a customer for a moment. not a business owner. Of course you want to see great products, pictures, special offers, new products, reviews, descriptions, videos and anything that engages the customer and makes them want to return for more! 

Leave the Parisian bon bons for your foodie group on Saturday night. Social media is a great tool if you use it correctly for your business - and just like a business, it will grow over time too!

Remember the saying, " work smart, not hard"? You can apply that to the use of social media. Social media is not hard work. Just be smart and use it effectively and the rewards will come!



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