Meet the Artist Behind the Fun!

I don't know if you are like me, but I always love it when I actually get to meet the creator of a product I so admire! OK, so Vera Wang is busy right now, but it does add a sense of euphoric pleasure (at least in my mind) when I get the opportunity to meet the creator of one of their beautiful products, especially in the world of "art!" WOW!

I am so humbled when I meet these talented artisans and what a better place to meet them than a place they are premiering their work, such as galleries, art shows, festivals, cultural arts events, etc. Even nicer is the fact the fact that these artists love meeting their customers! It is so inspiring and uplifting to hear about how they began their artistic journey and to hear the stories behind their art. So, if you haven't met an artist yet, go meet one! They add so much to our cultural world!

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