Greeting Cards That Can Be Framed

When designing my artist greeting cards, I don't always begin the painting process thinking a particular design will go on a card. Sometimes, I can visualize a certain subject I have painted, looking better on a pillow design vs. a greeting card. 

After a painting is complete, it is photographed to be viewed and observed from many angles. Because my greeting cards are a derivative of an original painting, I will do what I like to call, a "mock up" setting of a card (an actual print to paper design) to see if it would have any appeal to a viewer. And because my cards are blank inside, it allows for the card giver usage for any occasion.

I once had a customer who attended one of my art shows, suggest to me about putting cards in frames. What a great idea! Not only does the customer receive a beautiful card, but now they have a keepsake that can be treasured by putting the card in a lovely frame! In addition to that, the customer now owns a mini print of an actual original acrylic painting.

This mermaid painting was inspired as I waited for the storms to come into Florida. It is a picture of a mermaid. It made me wonder. Where do mermaids go during a storm? Just curious! They are very secretive and it's hard to get them to tell you all their secrets! I did manage to catch a glimpse of one once, so I thought while I'm sitting here waiting for hurricane Matthew to come my way, I would paint one! Her name is "Akela," meaning graceful and noble. I think she would make a pretty greeting card! 

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