Getting Your "WHATNOT" Noticed on Social Media Sites!

Getting Your "WHATNOT" Noticed on Social Media Sites!

Whether you are a "brick and mortar" store or an online store selling gadgets, whatnots and those thingamajigs everybody has to have, the power of social media has enabled  businesses large and small, an avenue in which to reach more customers more rapidly, resulting in more $$'s faster vs. the "old days," when "drive by traffic and "location, location, location" were key to getting customers in the door to make a purchase. With so many social media sites made available to businesses these days, reaching customers and advertising products online has been made easier with just the "click" of a button. Customers worldwide can now read about a product, view a photo of it and purchase their "whatnot" online, all due in part to advertising through social media.

I am amazed at the plethora of social  media sites I can go to and promote my work, but one in particular has me more interested than some, and it is "Instagram." I can post a picture of my latest design or new product and less than a millisecond, my picture has made its way to the other side of the continent for viewers to see! "HOLY WHATNOT'S BATMAN!"  I can include a short description, advertise my website and give people a reason to want to come to my store, and I did all this from the comfort of my "squishy office chair!" How great is that?

Instagram offers so much more, by offering to its members a platform to share info, make comments, engage with others who have similar interest and allow those who are in retail, a place to showcase their wares. The upside to social media for a business is, if used correctly, it can prove to be very beneficial not to mention, profitable for a business. The downside is finding time to do it all! I recommend if you are not out all day fighting crime, then give social media a try! It can be fun. You can never have too many customers. As for me, I am off to go create a "whatnot!" 

INSTAGRAM: #thepaintedlabel

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