Fashion, Styles, and Going BOLD!

Over the years, I have been painting on pretty much anything that will "hold" paint.....canvas, glass, wood, paper, metal and the list goes on. I even got this wild idea about a 2 years ago to transfer my art images to small earrings.

I featured the earrings in a previous post and premiered them at The Southern Women's Show. They were a big hit, not to mention larger than a penny, which for some, felt as if they were wearing King Kong fashion dangle earrings. These people were stuck in their "comfort zone" of wearing the same tiny stud earrings they were given at birth and it took some persuading and a big mirror to show them, how fun and really pretty they looked in their new earrings! 


We often get in such a zone of "comfort," change can be pretty intimidating. We tend to wear our hair the same, we wear the same style and color of clothes (God forbid we are caught dead in the color fuschsia!) Of course, it sounds worse than it looks. We eat the same Monday night dinner week after week, use the same detergent our mother's swore by for years, and still hold our breath when we drive past a graveyard for fear the spirits will catch us out of our "zone!"

I have reached an age (and been holding it for years) where I have come to the realization that this is the day to get out of "the zone."  I am going to try something new, challenge myself to try something different, turn left instead of right, break the monotony of routine and vacuum in the nude. OK, forget that visual. However, even the smallest change can be invigorating!

Maybe you are not quite ready to "bling out" your "Tu-noo-noo" or try that new "Ka-gello you have heard about on T.V. Maybe you are happy in your comfort zone. That's OK. You don't have to be unhappy to try new things. Your mother never would have bought that new laundry detergent again and again had she not tried it first. I suppose that was courageously 'BOLD" in the day! So, I say to you, try a little something different today and what a better place to try it, than here at THE PAINTED LABEL!

SUGGESTION: How about a BOLD and COLORFUL ACCENT THROW PILLOW? Who knows? You might just like it and tomorrow you can vacuum in the nude! 

P.S. I have no idea what a "Tu-noo-noo" is but maybe I will try it one day!


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