On your mark, get set, SHOP! Yep. it's almost here,,,,,BLACK FRIDAY!  The day every shopper dreams about - the day every shopper can find the best deals on the planet at their favorite store - the day every shopper will leave the comfort of their home and plow thru the multitudes of those seeking to grab that very same item YOU want as well, so it's every man, woman and child for themselves, because this year, YOU plan on getting that deal before ANYONE! And if you are like me, you want to be recognized for giving the BEST EVER gift this holiday season!

GUESS WHAT? The Painted Label has a little secret for you. We know where the best deal can be found! Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone. The BEST DEAL can be found...........RIGHT HERE!!!

SHOP WITH US BLACK FRIDAY AND GET THE BEST DEALS on art, prints, fashion bags and more! But remember, DON'T TELL A will be OUR LITTLE SECRET!

See you NOVEMBER 25TH, 2016!!!

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