"Yes, I Made That!"

I still chuckle when customers come up to me at arts events and ask if I made a particular item they happen to be admiring at the time. I smile, because they often have their blinders on and seem unaware to the overly large signage under their nose, detailing the origin of the product with BOLD LETTERS that read MADE BY ME!! 

I politely thank them, for what obviously was an indirect compliment, just fashioned in a different verbal sort of way! But, I then realized they know nothing about the product and it was my job as a designer of pretty fashion accessories to “educate" them more on what I was offering for sale.

Let’s give customers credit. They are a pretty savvy bunch when it comes to making a purchase. Naturally, they know what the product is, but when they discover the inspiration behind the product, all the detailed work and materials used to make it, and hours put into creating that particular item, they seem to value it’s existence even more.

If you are a retailer like me, putting a "story” behind your product gives the customer an appreciation of what they may be purchasing and demonstrates to them, they are valued as well. It makes it more “personal.”

If you are a customer. “keep asking those questions!” YOU are why we take the time to create and share. And yes………….“I DID MAKE THAT! HOW MANY MORE WOULD YOU LIKE?

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