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A few years back, I was commissioned to write several online articles through a series of interviews I did with some highly talented and very well known artists throughout the U.S.. From the East Coast to the West Coast, I searched for individuals whom I thought were not only gifted, but had a unique and very different art form. From oil painters to basket weavers, I scoured the internet, hoping to find the “perfect” artisan that I felt whose work and life would be of interest to my readers.

Once they graciously obliged me with an interview, I asked a series of questions, listened intently to their stories of how they developed their craft, marveled at their talent, then compiled my notes with the hopes of entertaining my readers along the way. I went back today and turned a few pages of those articles from yesteryear, wondering if those artists are still following their passion and NOT to my amazement at all……they are still doing what they love to do! I believe when you have a passion in life for something, you never let it go. 

One very lovely and wonderfully talented person I interviewed was a woman by the name of; HIROKO SAKAI. Her work is awesome!

Please return to read the interview I did with Ms. Sakai, which I will be featuring next month, in addition to several other artist I spoke with, from N.Y. to California.

As a creative artist, I am humbled by the talents of so many, but truly inspired by all!


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