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Preparing for large shows to preview your retail products can be a lot of fun, not to mention crazy and hectic at times. As an artist it seems I am always preparing for something..... art shows, craft extravaganzas, cultural theater events, holiday festivals, etc. Naturally, every seasoned artisan knows you have to have “a list!”

What is “the list?” It is the check list from A to Z of things that must be completed prior to any successful show or presentation. I like to call it the business preparedness list,“ and it is usually comprised of things such as funds needed to cover product purchases, fees, materials, insurance, hired help, supplies, equipment rentals, advertising, and the list goes on……sometimes out the door! 

The "LIST” accompanies you from beginning to end with accomplished tasks being checked off as days draw nearer to your event or show. One of the items  I needed on my list for the upcoming Southern Women’s Show in Orlando was adequate floor covering. I came across a really cool ECO FRIENDLY area rug. I never intended to “save the earth” for the small 10’ x 10" space I would be allotted. I only wanted something with color for people to walk on. But, as I was reading what an ECO FRIENDLY rug is, I realized the importance of using natural and recycled materials where dyes and chemicals are reduced or not used at all to protect the planet. 

On October 9th, at the Orlando Convention Center, I will have a 10’ x 10’ space filled with a rug I am proud to say………is GREEN!


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