Southern Women Love to Shop!

The conclusion of the Southern Women’s Show this past weekend in Orlando Florida was a great success, not to mention 4 days of a lot fun. I wish to thank everyone for stopping by to shop and say hello! 

Never let it be said, “women” do not like to shop! You can always tell a woman is a serious shopper, when she arrives with 2 suitcases in tote and a “look” on her face that says, “ I am on a mission to shop till the credit card says it is time to go!”

 I premiered some “totally fun” hand painted earrings at the show, which were a huge hit with all ages! The PALM TREE designs of the compact mirrors and earrings, along with the DAY OF THE DEAD cosmetic bags were equally as popular! 

Customers were thrilled to know that we offer customization on our products and as a designer and artist, I love the challenge!I can’t wait to begin working on new designs. 

Overall, the show in Orlando was a fun show. We met new friends, learned what our customers liked in fashion accessories and found, the “sky is the limit” when it comes to creating styles everyone will enjoy.


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