Weightless Earrings?

Yes, an earring so light in weight, you can hardly tell you are wearing it! I wanted to create an earring that was not only fun and colorful, but one that would feel like you were not wearing earrings at all.

I started first with a small round cork material, painted it with acrylics and sealed it with 2 different resins to seal the paint. The process is a little more detailed because cork is porous and soaks up any liquid applied to it. I like to seal it with a couple of layers of a white paint as a base and the rest is just a matter of using the imagination to come up with a design that is going on the earrings.

One of the more popular designs at this past weekend’s Southern Women’s Show was the beautiful and colorful palm tree. Floral and ocean theme designs were also a hit as well. I create earrings that are one of a kind and they will soon be featured on the web site. 

Do they look pretty when completed? Yes! Do they float? Hmmm. I have not tried that one yet, but I am willing to say, “YES!”

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