"I love earrings but do you have?......"

As a designer and artist of fashion accessories, I continuously find it challenging to come up with something new, fresh, fun and pretty when it comes to earrings! I create everything from floral designs to ocean themes to pop art, and just when I think I have created everything under the sun (without fail) a customer will ask if I have particular design, which they do not see available for sale. Of course, “everything under the sun” does not include that one particular item. Without fail on my end, I return to my work arena and create that “one” item. However, by now that one customer has since long gone, so I add the new item to my collection, now knowing I have mastered the creation of every design under the sun when it comes to fashion accessories. Next fashion event, I will premiere the new design I have created! But, I already know, it’s inevitable……..a new customer will look at all my designs and not seeing what they want, will still ask if I have a particular design. Thus, the vicious cycle of pleasing the customer repeats itself all over again. But wait…………..didn’t someone say, “you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time?”

Whew,thank goodness!

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