The customer is always right, .....right?

My father used to say, "the customer is always right!“ That was over 25 years ago! He worked for a large retail corporation and I suppose that "motto” worked for them throughout their many years of serving those who purportedly “knew more than they,” Hmm. I still have to think about that one. However, I did ask him once why that was so. He basically explained their company was there to service the needs of the customer and to ensure their shopping experience was no less than superior. Back then, “quality” came before “quantity,” because if something was not “right” about their shopping experience, then it was their job to make it “right!" 

He also said if a customer genuinely felt that you truly valued what they had to say, they would be more apt to trust you, not only as a person but as a business who cared about them (the shopper),

I believe that to be true today. As a retailer who is strives to be successful, I feel the only way to accomplish success is to present "quality” in your product and demonstrate the very best in customer service. 

With the two aforementioned elements of quality and service, “quantity” will follow, resulting with not only a happy customer, but a business who understands why the customer is "always right!“

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