If it's FREE, it MUST BE GOOD!

Nothing is more perfect for an outdoor event, than beautiful weather! And where else can one experience outdoor cultural events all day long in November, than in sunny Florida?

This past weekend for two days, was the Altamonte Springs Art, Craft and Wine event at Cranes Roost Park, sponsored by the Seminole Rotary Club. Hundreds of people came out to enjoy an event filled with an array of much to see and do. There was live music, a wine tasting, food, talented artisans selling their wares just in time for the holiday’s and a plethora of family friendly things to enjoy. 

I participated as an artisan, displaying a lot of “wickedly fun” fashion accessories. The weekend overall was a success. A larger customer base was formed, new friendships were kindled, and a greater knowledge of business was learned, making me want to continue to strive to serve the customer the best in quality fashion accessories!

We greatly appreciate the positive response from customers and thank all those who enjoyed being “wicked” with us this past weekend! And oh how funny.………..NO, WE ARE NOT FROM MASSACHUSETTS! Apparently, the the word “wicked” is used as “slang” up North! “Why fiddle dee ya’ll, we are just glad you noticed!”

 And to the booth beside us who “HAWKED” every person who walked by our area by asking if they wanted a FREE.………….(of course they did) It WAS FREE! That is all they heard! You could have asked them if they wanted a FREE COBRA BITE and they would have nodded in a trance like state by replying, “Yeeessssss."  Once the the unsuspecting person was lured into your den of FREE ADVICE by your "street hawkers,”……..well, the rest is not important because for those who were able to narrowly escape such an offer and chose to run in the other direction, they knew………….“YOU CAN’T GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING!”

Have a “wickedly fun” week!



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