Online Shopping or In Store Shopping?


Tis the season to get everyone on your gift list something special for the holiday’s and if you missed the sales and spectacular savings an hour after your feasted on turkey and dressing because stores opened earlier this year, then NO WORRIES.………with the click of a button and a credit card, online stores have made holiday shopping so much easier for the consumer. Relax, enjoy and know this;

NO MORE getting dressed to go out and fight the mall shoppers!

NO MORE vying for a great parking space near the front door of the mall!

NO MORE having to listen to those annoying bell ringers! At least give them several bells so they can play something or than “ding and dong!”

NO MORE mall Santa’s smiling cheerfully and trying to “HO HO HO” like they are so full of glee! Bah!

NO MORE fighting over that last sweater you and another shopper saw at the same time, causing you to hurl your body over a 5 ft display in order to grab it before they did, resulting later in years of therapy to rid you from ever saying again, “I SAW IT FIRST!”

NO MORE smell of live Christmas trees in the air from the lot next door!

NO MORE holiday music in elevators! Fa la la la ugh!

NO MORE freshly baked cookies to buy from the bakery in the mall (made by little elves) Yeah right! You know elves do not live in the hollow of a tree. They live with Santa and Mrs. Claus. 

NO MORE having to look at lights and holiday decorations on every corner!

NO MORE standing in check out lines getting ready to purchase something you know your Uncle Harold is going to hate! He hates everyone anyway!

NO MORE glitz!

NO MORE merry shimmer!

NO MORE shiny.


Just “CLICK” on the BUTTON and kick back and rest, because a hacker will soon take charge of the rest!


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