It’s All About “He(art)!”

No wonder the word “heart” has the word “art” in it. As an artist and designer of art inspired fashion accessories, I am always thrilled to join in conversation with those who enjoy my art and who wish to share their stories with me, whether it be about the artistic commonalities we share or just to chat about the weather, which is why I participate in art shows throughout the year.

This past weekend I offered my art on canvas paintings for sale at an art show in Altamonte Springs Florida, where thousands of people came together to enjoy a weekend of art, music and great food. It was perfect Florida weather! However it almost didn’t start off with sun and fun. Prior to Saturday’s event, artists spent hours in the cold wet rain and winds preparing for the weekend with the hopes that Florida sunshine would make it’s presence in time for the expo and fortunately, it did.

As a business professional trying to promote my art and fashion accessories on a daily basis, the world of technology certainly has made some things much easier. However, speaking to a customer face to face will always be more personal. Naturally, we can’t “shakes hands with the world and technology does make a great partner for the purpose of marketing, but to truly gain an understanding of what the consumer wants, it doesn’t hurt to sometimes step away from computers and take in some “real world” experiences, like talking to “real” people who are the people we call “customer!” 

As an artist I want to see the expressions on people’s faces when they fall in love with a piece of art I have created. I want to hear the excitement in their voice when they tell me how beautiful my work is and lovely it will look in their home. I enjoy listening to their ideas, stories, and suggestions.  My father who was with Mercantile until he retired always told me, “successful businesses are the ones who value their customers and listen to what they want. Without the customer, there would be no business! “ 

Technology is here to stay and yes, we will continue to use it to make our lives easier. It can be the ”heart” of a business designed to assist in the aid of increasing profit, but it still will never replace the little boy who gets to experience art in person for the first time by asking, “what kind of fish is that?”  to which I reply……………...”it is whatever kind of fish you want it to be!” 

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