Love the Color!

Recently at an art expo where I premiered new acrylic paintings, I found it interesting to watch people view my art. I wondered what they were thinking when they stood in front of a painting admiring my work. Were they dissecting it stroke by stroke and analyzing each blend of color patterns or were they just enjoying a feeling the painting evoked from within? I knew it had to be a success when they would come away from the painting with a smile, yet there were those who didn’t smile at all, but would comment how bright and beautiful the picture was. Still, there were those who stared at my art and would tilt their head, making me wonder if they were going to ask the proverbial question, “What is that supposed to be,?” Naturally, I was prepared to give in great length my rendition of “abstract,” but before I had an opportunity to do so, they asked a better question, “How much?”  SOLD! It didn’t matter what they thought other than they liked it well enough to take it home and enjoy it, 

And to the little boy who wanted to know what kind of fish I had painted, my reply to him was, It is whatever you want it to be!”

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