Believe in Your Product, Take a Genuine Interest in Your Customer and Thank Them!

If you are a business owner, in sales, retail or customer service, the most important thing to remember is the consumer is your fan, your critic, friend and sometimes a real pain the “yang yang!” But do businesses and their owners really care? You bet they do!

Prior to technological advances such as the Internet, company reviews, customer ratings, product satisfaction, etc., for a business were only made available through limited news media sources and written publications. Today, the ability to rate a business and or product and share it with others, (all with just the “click” of a button), is what keeps businesses on their toes…and that’s a good thing!

Being able to voice an opinion about a product, rate customer satisfaction, and tell tens of millions of other consumers about it through the power of the Internet and social media is an exciting advancement in today’s world. Business owners and shoppers can relay information. How awesome is that?

Most businesses genuinely do care about their customer. So, to those businesses big and small…….take a genuine interest in your customer, continue to produce a great product, serve excellent customer service and remember to thank the customer, because without them…………….there would be NO BUSINESS!

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