What Did That Customer Service Person Just Say?

I recently had the bright idea to meet with some artists and share a few notes with them about business at a local eatery. The establishment is known for their quick and healthy good eating products and have stores throughout the US. I like their food and figured if service and amenities were as good, my meeting would go well. I just needed to book their meeting room. I called first to inquire and was greeted over the phone by a well informed and very professional manager. You could tell he was all about “customer service.” He asked if I could come in and speak with their catering person that day before a certain time, which I did. 

Upon introducing myself to this person, she proceeded to speed through her “spill,” which I am sure she has done 100 times before me, in a rather condescending manner. I listened to her rapid delivery of the services she said they provided. I was amazed. She barely permitted me to introduce myself when “out of the gates” she ran. She was like a horse wanting to win Belmont. I don’t think she took a breath in between sentences! I almost started laughing but felt this poor person more than likely had ONLY the training of how to make a salad, flip a sandwich, pour some soup in a cup and ring a bell to let the customer know their order was ready, but when it came to people skills, she definitely was lacking. I just kept waiting for her to whinny!

NOTE: If an employee is going to learn about a business and represent a product for a company, they need to understand the “total” business and how it operates…..not just their position. If they are going to be hired to do one job or several within a company, it is the responsibility of management to see that they learn their job and do it to the best of their ability in order to receive superior customer satisfaction. 

Conclusion: Customer Satisfaction C+ 

Food (that’s another story)

Oh yes, I finally was able to make sense of what she had said………….because I read the brochure she gave me!! “Neigh!”

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