ENCORE DECOR N’ MORE…artisan gifts, home furnishings, accents,...

ENCORE DECOR N’ MORE…artisan gifts, home furnishings, accents, art, jewelry, candles, and more. Naturally, if you live in Florida or have ever visited, you already know Florida has a plethora of GIFT STORES, offering everything from sun and surf items to products that resemble that infamous little mouse. But, if you ever venture North of Orlando to a small town called Sanford, be sure to check out a new little gift boutique called ENCORE DECOR N’ MORE.. 

As a business owner and artisan, I am always excited when I stumble upon a store that showcases the talents of other artisans and ENCORE DECOR N’ MORE does just that. What makes it uniquely different, is the premise of the store is based on a “consignment agreement” between owner and vendor, where customers can shop for a variety of different items that normally they would not find in a large retail box store.

I have to admit, these types of stores make me want ONE of everything, and I am sure being a new store they still have many kinks to iron out before there is smooth sailing, but kudos to them and to those who follow their dream, doing what they enjoy. 

As I strolled through the store, my mind began to wander as I enjoyed admiring the beautiful coastal paintings of birds on the wall for sale. I wanted to shop some more, but duty called, and it was time to get back and get ready for the upcoming SOUTHERN WOMEN’S SHOW ORLANDO, Sept 24-27. I hope “my” customers will want ONE of everything too! 

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