NEW Fashion Bags are in! With several styles...

NEW Fashion Bags are in! With several styles and colors to choose from, these cute little bags are perfect for carrying small essentials. The larger 8″ x 10″ bag is a perfect clutch and the medium size 5″ x 8″ can be carried alone or as a “carry all” for make up, cell phone, keys, cards, glasses and more! THE SKINNY BAG is also one of my most popular bags. I premiered this size bag at the SOUTHERN WOMEN’S SHOW ORLANDO this past weekend and the bags were a hit, especially the bags displaying a Swarovski Crystal on each one. The popularity of these bags is attributed to their origin, where each bag first originates from an original acrylic art on canvas painting I have created. Though I paint a variety of different themes, shoppers still could not get enough of the DAY OF THE DEAD products! I sold out of the bags and cards! No matter anyone’s style, I feel so long as you are having a little “fun,” that is all that matters! Save
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