Under the Pretty Umbrella

So, you have decided to embark on your dream of becoming a business owner? I won’t go into the detailed statistics of success vs. failure percentage in the first 3 years of a business. You will experience all that on your own You will learn, discover, grow and hopefully find your perfect niche that ultimately will reward you financially, proving “maybe dreams do come true, for those who persevere !”

As an artist and designer, I never expected to just set up an online store and hope the multitudes would swarm my business, causing me to post “SOLD OUT” on all my artist designed products (though a good problem to have). I have had to study the market, present my work at shows and fashion events, research and experiment with my products, listen to customer feedback, read analytic data and determine its worth when it comes to my business. On top of that, I have had to continually keep producing NEW designs for products.

It is only natural to think as a business owner that we have something to offer the customer and I think that is where so many “ miss the gist” of what running a business is all about” or get so caught up in what they want to do as a business, they have forgotten to ask themselves a few important questions;

1. Is this business right for me? Am I doing this as a business or as a hobby?

2. Is there a need or demand for my product/service?

3. Do I have the financial resources to carry a business for the first 3 years?

4. Am I willing to put in “time” into growing a business?

5. Do I want to work outside the home or have an online store?

………and the list goes on. Passion? Of course let’s not forget that, but is it enough?

I watched an episode last night of the TV show, “SHARK TANK” and there was this young entrepreneur promoting her “happiness  product.” Hmmm. Of course we all want happiness thrown in with a splash of “world peace.”  I was as perplexed as her potential investors, but one thing she did have was, “perseverance.” She believed her happy umbrellas would bring a smile to those living in clouded climates, like NY. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I did recognize a key characteristic anyone starting a business must have and that is “belief” in your work and product, complimented with “drive.” Reflecting back on her product, I suppose it would be uplifting to see brightly colored “HAPPY UMBRELLAS” parading the streets of NY bringing a smile to all who saw the happy positive sayings, like “smile and be happy,” so who am I to say she will or will not succeed? She didn’t get her backing, but one thing she didn’t lose and that was her “drive”  and determination to continue on with her dream.

Who knows…..one day we may see all New Yorker’s happily skipping down the streets of the their cities, twirling their happy umbrellas, waving to those they pass on the streets, singing that all familiar tune, “Singing in the Rain!”  Imagine that………and all because some business owner had a dream! I say, “Keep on dreaming and KEEP ON PERSEVERING! You never know who you will meet one day underneath an umbrella who just might inspire you to follow your dream too! So, until then, smile and be happy, because the road to success when it comes to owning a business of your own, may be cloudy some days with a chance of rain!”

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