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With limited amounts of time to spend all day reading blogs on the Internet, every now and then I come across one that is “worth the read,” especially if it offers great advice if you are in any kind of sales. As a former exhibitor at the SOUTHERN WOMEN’S SHOWS ORLANDO for the past 2 years, I occasionally receive a copy of a blog written by the SOUTHERN SHOWS director, David J, Zimmerman, who...

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… is someone who truly appreciates the beauty, work, origin, style, design and purpose of a product without having to ask…..”What is it?” The only time I answered that question, was when a young boy stopped to admire a painting I had completed of a very colorful fish. My response to his question was to further engage him in conversation, pique his interest, get him excited about art and have himte...

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I recently had the bright idea to meet with some artists and share a few notes with them about business at a local eatery. The establishment is known for their quick and healthy good eating products and have stores throughout the US. I like their food and figured if service and amenities were as good, my meeting would go well. I just needed to book their meeting room. I called first to inquire and...

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My father used to say, "the customer is always right!“That was over 25 years ago! He worked for a large retail corporation and I suppose that "motto” worked for them throughout their many years of serving those who purportedly “knew more than they,” Hmm. I still have to think about that one. However, I did ask him once why that was so. He basically explained their company was there to service the...

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Growing up in the retail industry and having spent many a fashion season of being allowed to join retail buyers at the New York buyers market, was always fascinating to me as a young woman! Buyers representing multiple stores would decide on products and if they liked a product and felt it would sell well at their store, they would place an order.

I thought how exciting! After following a fine...

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