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So, you have decided to embark on your dream of becoming a business owner? I won’t go into the detailed statistics of success vs. failure percentage in the first 3 years of a business. You will experience all that on your own You will learn, discover, grow and hopefully find your perfect niche that ultimately will reward you financially, proving “maybe dreams do come true…………….for those who...

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I recently had the bright idea to meet with some artists and share a few notes with them about business at a local eatery. The establishment is known for their quick and healthy good eating products and have stores throughout the US. I like their food and figured if service and amenities were as good, my meeting would go well. I just needed to book their meeting room. I called first to inquire and...

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If you are a business owner, in sales, retail or customer service, the most important thing to remember is the consumer is your fan, your critic, friend and sometimes a real pain the “yang yang!” But do businesses and their owners really care? You bet they do!

Prior to technological advances such as the Internet, company reviews, customer ratings, product satisfaction, etc., for a business were...

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My father used to say, "the customer is always right!“That was over 25 years ago! He worked for a large retail corporation and I suppose that "motto” worked for them throughout their many years of serving those who purportedly “knew more than they,” Hmm. I still have to think about that one. However, I did ask him once why that was so. He basically explained their company was there to service the...

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