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Acrylic Art, acrylic painting, art, artist kimberly sumerel, beachart, cards, coastal, coastalart, Florida, Florida artist, framed art art prints, framed artwork, greeting cards, Home Accents, homedecor, ocean, Ocean art, paintings, seahorse, the painted label - BLUE SEAHORSE. NEW STORE OPENING SUMMER 2016.  NEW PRODUCTS. Art originals, art prints, greeting cards, fashion clutch bags, home decor and more by Florida Artist Kimberly Sumerel. Check it out on Instagram too. #thepaintedlabel. Hope you enjoy!

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Artist Interview: Hiroko Saka

By Kimberly Sumerel

Note: Back in 2007, I was commissioned to write a series of online articles about aspiring and talented artists living and working in the U.S. Inspired by the talents of these artists, and being an artist myself, I wanted to see if these individuals were still active and creating beautiful works of art. I am pleased to report after almost 10 years,...

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Having produced arts events and participated in art shows over the years, I still occasionally run across an artisan who is unsure of the laws pertaining to “copyright” and “derivatives” with it comes to creating art. Without going into great depth about the legalities of what is and is not acceptable in the “world of art,” it is best to first understand the meaning of “copyright” and who it...

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These puppeteers were fascinating and wowed the crowds at the recent St Johns River Festival of the Arts this past weekend, April 30-May 1. The festival featured an array of talented artists, fun shopping, fabulous music, good food and some very interesting entertainment! Despite the Florida heat, these actors managed to not only “stay in character” for hours on end but also kept their balance while walking on stilts! Amazing!

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